In Human Design, Channel 37-40 Human Design Community Channel connects the Friendship Gate located at the Solar Plexus Center 37 and the 40 Gate of Solitude located at the Heart Center. The nature of the Channel can be expressed in different ways, depending on the Type. But in any case, there will be a clear manifestation of Emotional Authority, based on the certainty of the Center of the Solar Plexus in your Bodygraph. This means that no matter what your Strategy will be, there will never be truth for you in the “now” moment. Final decisions are only worthwhile when the emotional wave subsides and you can analyze the situation with a “sober” mind.

The expression of this Channel is strongly based on the concept of “transactions”. You are for me, and I am for you. This is the principle, but there is no and cannot be any talk of money. As soon as an act is valued in money, it, no matter how ironic it is, depreciates. People with the Community Channel are not market traders seeking material resources in everything. They are simply aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation, where equal gratitude would follow for every little thing in the relationship.

In terms of friendship, this means that if you helped a comrade in trouble, then you can expect that he will not leave you in due time. If we are talking about relationships in the working community, then it is important for you to understand that today, leaving instead of your colleague, tomorrow you can ask him for a response service.

Channel 37-40 Human Design, Channel Community

When we talk about relationships, each husband wants to be sure that his wife is aware of his contribution to the family and will provide him with small “services” – whether to wash his clothes or iron his shirt. So every wife wants to be sure that the husband does not leave her contribution to raising children and maintaining the home without attention, and that he will make concessions to her, if necessary.

В Human Design Community Channel 37-40 symbolizes the relationship within the tribe, where everyone should help the other. But not for money, as is customary in capitalist society, but in deeds. Such interaction implies a shorter distance between you and the person you support.

On the other hand, you have such a “personal” attitude only to those whom you can call a friend or comrade who is part of your tribe. For the rest, you always have a separate price list ready and you won’t rush to their aid for “thank you”.

Uniqueness for the media

You are by nature a fragment that seeks other parts in order to become something whole. So, you may be obsessed with the idea of ​​having a partner and getting married to make a child and create a unit of society. Or become part of a team that, together, drives the company forward, to development.

From this point of view you cannot be called a person who prefers loneliness. Of course, sometimes you want to be alone with your thoughts. But such periods of detachment are needed only for “recharging”, so that later with renewed vigor, they return to their community.

Personal interaction is of great importance. It doesn’t matter if your contact with a person is limited only once, or you submit an application with him to the registry office. Any “deals” you conclude are highly recommended to be reinforced by direct contact. You should see the eyes of the person you are talking to, and not be limited to “mechanically” playing voice from the phone. That is, it is important to feel that you are doing business with a living person whom you can see, hear and, if necessary, touch in person.

It’s right for you to perceive others at the person-person level, and not use statuses like the head-subordinate, waiter-client. Therefore, the result of the relationship largely depends on what kind of person is in front of you, your personal attitude to him. And if it turns out to be unpleasant for you, then you should not and will not conclude a “deal” with it.

Your own opinion takes precedence even higher than the potential benefits of working together. At least it should be so if you correctly observe your Strategy and Authority. Ignoring these tools “forces” the Community Channel 37-40 bearer to subscribe to unpleasant agreements, as a result of which his own self-esteem suffers.

In addition to “addiction” to face-to-face communication, you should also note your tendency to make friends. If you understand that for some reason you have to interact with someone, it will be much better if you become, if not friends, then at least good friends. This helps to stop seeing another “lifeless status” and begin to perceive it as part of their “tribe”. Another thing, if a man is lousy, then you yourself will feel that it is better to have business with him, albeit to the detriment of yourself.

As a person with a defined Heart Center, in the true “I” you are very sensitive to your promises. You have your own concepts of honor and dignity, which you try to adhere to in life. And it can be very difficult for you in situations when you meet with those who wanted to spit both for honor and for everything else, deceiving and using others. You are used to respecting your words, therefore you will expect the same from others. But if there is a person on your way who constantly “forgets” his promises, then it would be much better for you to say goodbye to him right away. It is unlikely that he will be able to re-educate him, but you will spoil your nerves well.

Community Channel Value

Channel 37-40 owners are a real support for their friends and family. You are always ready to support someone who needs it, even if you have to spend your own time and effort. Helping you is as natural as breathing. But it’s important to understand one thing: you donate your time, not for the sake of others, but for your own sake.

You begin to feel better when you help your loved ones – and this is so natural for a person! But if you start to go against the Strategy and Authority, trying to help in order to make a person feel like a “debtor”, then everything will go awry. Then people will begin to shy away from you, under pressure from the “imposed” debt.

Due to the availability of Channel 37-40, you can be called a fairly honest and responsible employee, fulfilling his obligations. You are driven not so much by a sense of duty to someone, as by responsibility to yourself, unwillingness to break these promises. Therefore, people like you are very much appreciated in all areas of life and work. Leaders respect your commitment to their principles and entrust you with tasks that must be addressed.

But there is a downside to this. People with Channel 37-40 in Design are rarely able to successfully and quickly move up the career ladder. Your sometimes “excessive” responsibility is appreciated, but to improve you need completely different qualities. The ability to adapt to the situation, flatter, cheat, invent on the go, etc. In a word, you need to be “flexible.”

Канал Сообщества 37-40

By contrast, by nature you are a very “tough” person, for whom your own principles are not only a solid foundation in life, but also fetters. It is difficult for you to go through yourself and you would rather prefer to remain in your place being honest with yourself than moving forward, breaking your own covenants.

In marriage, you can potentially become the most beloved husband / wife, the most caring parent. Community Channel 37-40 people, by their very nature, value relationships within their families very much and are ready to do anything to make each member happy. Your dedication is for granted. You do not need a reason for this. But, this is true exactly as long as your contribution is appreciated and you are ready to pay for it with the same coin.

Having a specific Channel 37-40, you become very dependent on reciprocity. You are not one of those who will desperately try to maintain a relationship that has already collapsed, fearing to be alone. It is not in your principles. If the partner responds with indifference to your love, then your resources will not be enough for a long time. You are not adapted to “love one way”, and it would be much better for you to immediately dot the I and break such a relationship. It should be and will be so long as you adhere to Strategy and Authority. But often, the manifestation of the False Self prevents you from correctly following your program, forcing you to do exactly the opposite.

False Self of 37-40 Channel Human Design

The manifestation of the False Self in this Channel is primarily due to the fact that you may be tempted to “ignore” your own principles. So, you will start “deals” with unpleasant people, stepping over yourself. Or just start letting family and friends use them unilaterally, even if they don’t give you anything in return.

For example, the issue of marriage. Many women indulge their tyrant husbands despite their bestial nature. Disrespect, rudeness, and sometimes even assault are not able to “wake up” a woman who prefers to remain in a fictional illusion of an “ideal” marriage. She closes her eyes to all the “tricks” of her husband, even if she realizes that this is not normal. It turns out such a peculiar manifestation of the Stockholm syndrome.

Or is it worth raising the question of friends to whom you can provide all kinds of services, without any doubt that they will help you in due time in return. And in the end, when you still need their support, friends will refer to employment or some other business, safely forgetting about your request. But despite this, you will continue to regularly support them whenever you are asked. Although deep down inside you will understand what is using you, the voice of the False Self will still make you respond to the call the next time.

To the manifestation of the False Self can also be attributed the tendency to excessive naivety when interacting with others. Despite all their dedication, the people of Channel 37-40 are not Robin Hoods, helping just like that. Your correct behavior model is based on “deals” – in one form or another. If you simply “give out” yourself, not hoping for something in return, then you will either scare people away with your excessive openness, or they will simply use you.

Therefore, even despite the knowledge of the mechanics of this Channel, you will not be able to apply this information in your life. Knowledge alone will not give you anything. You need to learn how to properly use the Strategy of your Type and master the management of Inner Authority.

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