Working with people is your unique gift. With the help of Channel 26-44 Human Design Change Channel Human Design, you can present any product or idea in such a way that it will be appreciated and wanted to be purchased. Submit your ideas wherever there is interest in them.

Channel 26-44 Human Design connects the Splenic Center to the Heart Center. The Splenic Center is responsible for awareness, allows a person to appropriate his life experience, the Heart Center – for self-esteem, willpower, material values. Communication is carried out through the 26 Gate of the Egoist and 44 the Gate of Vigilance. The Channel has the Design of the Transmitter, the person literally, differently than the others, presents information to the surrounding world (people).

26-44 Change Channel Human Design description

People with 26-44 Change Channel have the gift of persuasion. But in full measure it can manifest itself only when the opponent is already interested in what the owner of Channel 26-44 is going to convince him of. If such a person works in sales, then he will certainly be the best in his category, and the buyer will be so satisfied with the purchase that he will not even have the thought that the purchased product was not so necessary to him, the person will be absolutely sure that dreamed of this purchase all my life. Therefore, we can say that the owner of the Change Channel has a definitely creative approach to business and sales.

By the way, such people are absolutely contraindicated to work in the standard eight-hour schedule. They need a lot more freedom. However, they are able to complete more tasks in less time while in their mode. And it is correct for them to strive for this.

If we talk about the types of activities suitable for the representative of the Change Channel, then such a person can succeed in professions related to director and production activities, he will also prove himself excellent in all marketing areas and, of course, in entrepreneurship, exchange of goods and services.

Channel 26-44 Human Design, Channel ChangeYou might think that for a person with a Change Channel, only the process itself is important at work, but this is not so. It’s just that an idea, a product, a product that is sold by a person comes into the first place, and only then he asks for a reward for his activity.

It is surprising that with all his capabilities, a Person with a Channel of Surrender can be content with little. Also, these people are able to admit various life defeats and endure them with dignity. A person with a Channel of Surrender, who has fallen from a certain pedestal, will perceive it rather as a respite before a new peak, and not as a failure of his whole life.

Channel False Self 26-44

There should be a measure in everything. As practice shows, even a person with a set of the most positive qualities, under the influence of the False Self, is able to turn these qualities into huge disadvantages. For example, in this case 26 the Egoist’s Gate can turn into excessive pride. as a result, a person who is in the False Self begins to use his gift of persuasion for manipulative purposes. But 44 Gates of Vigilance can turn into overestimated ambitions and fantasy regarding the image of oneself, which goes far beyond the reasonable.

Often the False Self confuses a person’s consciousness so much that it is extremely difficult for him to see and understand for himself that he is going the wrong way.

A person ceases to reckon with the opinions of other people from his “tribe”, suppresses any attempts to give advice or help, and when he is almost at the very bottom, begins to realize that the False Self has worked here.

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