Follow your intuition and impulses. Thanks to Channel 20-57 Human Design, its owner should not rely on rational impulses of the mind in controversial situations, the body makes the right decisions.

Channel 20-57 Human Design Neural Wave Channel connects the Throat Center, which is responsible for the manifestation of a person through statements and actions, and the Splenic Center, which is responsible for intuition, fears and progress. Communication occurs through the 57 Gates of Intuitive Clarity and 20 Gates of the Present. The Channel gives its owner a unique ability of conscious existence, due to which a person can have a great desire to provide himself with all the necessary conditions for survival. The Channel is endowed with the Design of penetrating awareness, due to which the Channel carrier is able to intuitively adapt to any life circumstances.

Channel 20-57 Human Design Potential Description

The owner of the Neural Wave Channel does not need to spend time and energy thinking over his actions, he intuitively feels what is worth doing and what is not. With correct living, the body of the owner of the Channel is moved by impulses that lead the person in the right direction. People with the manifested Channel 20-57 differ in that they are able to inspire and guide other people in the right direction. Such a person has a certain sensitivity with which he perceives the people around him. This ability helps to probe the ground in advance of the upcoming communication and smooth out many corners.

It is very important for the owner of the Channel to learn to completely trust his intuition, without trying to go into details and reflections, because intuition and its spontaneity do not fail.

Channel 20-57 very well helps the owner to adapt to almost any life conditions and situations.

People with the Neural Wave Channel periodically feel an irresistible desire to share their insights with others.

57 The gate has one feature – it is connected to the right ear, due to which the owner of the Neural Wave Channel captures the vibrations of the speech of other people. The owner may not even try to understand the meaning of the interlocutor’s words, but due to these vibrations, he can recognize the true attitude and feelings of the opponent. With the correct experience of his Design, a person with the manifested Channel 20-57 follows the sensations of his body, not his mind, due to which he almost always chooses an intuitively correct and safe model of behavior. This is the diplomat’s Channel.

Channel 20-57 Human Design, Neural Wave ChannelA high level of conscious perception of reality due to a certain center of the Spleen allows the Channel owner to live without much stress, since he always clearly understands what is happening at the moment. At first glance, this may seem strange, how can you not understand what is happening? But in fact, not everyone has a clear mind and the ability to objectively look at things.

Due to such a clear and precise vision, the owner of Channel 20-57 Human Design Human can be in absolute calm, harmony and the absence of any worries about the future. Because he understands that if everything is fine at the moment, then there is nothing to worry about here and now.

It should be noted that from such a basic sense of calm and confidence, a person with Neural Wave Channels generally has healthy self-esteem. Of course, it should be borne in mind that all the positive manifestations of the Channel make themselves felt if its owner lives his Design correctly and follows the Strategy and Inner Authority.

Neural Wave Channel 20-57 False Self

If a person is in the state of the False Self, then all his intuitive gifts are wasted. Under the influence of the False Self, a person ceases to pay attention to the signals and impulses of his body, and gives preference to the mind and rational decisions. In this situation, a person no longer relies on sudden insights, but subjects all his decisions and judgments to analysis, which does not lead to anything correct for him.

As a result, the owner of the Channel loses his inherent calmness, confidence in himself and in the future. This is replaced by a state of irritation and indecision. Life becomes monotonous, not satisfying, and the state of anxiety gradually increases.

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