Channel 20-34 Human Design Charisma Channel in Human Design connects the 34 Gates located in the Sacred Center with the 20 Gates located in the Throat Center. By nature, it is pure Manifesting Generator possessing the Sacred Response Generator potential and the ability to initiate from the Manifesto.

There are no prerequisites for a “smart” life in this Channel. There are no principles, no prejudices, no preferences. There is only energy, pure energy of action. They offer you something, you listen to yourself, and either agree or not. Without making plans and not even really thinking about what was proposed. The main thing to take, and then we’ll figure it out along the way. In general, the words “along the way,” we see, is a business card for the owners of Charisma Channel 20-34.

The energy generated by the Sacred Center is instantly “transferred” to the Throat Center of expression. Those with this Channel defined have the habit of not planning for the future. They respond to life in the here and now mode.

“If I want this now, then I will do now. If I move later, then I won’t do it. ”

Given your affiliation with the Manifesting Generators and the presence of Channel 20-34, you can assume that you are not one of those who spend time thinking too much, preferring active actions. But it is important to understand the true form of the Manifesting Generator as a mutation of a regular Generator. In fact, this means that you need to use your potential consciously, relying on your own Strategy and Authority. Otherwise, randomly scattering energy left and right, you risk becoming an instrument in the wrong hands or getting confused yourself.

Channel 20-34 Human Design, Channel Charisma

Uniqueness for the media

It is important to consider the direct connection between the Sacred and the Throat Center in this Channel. A few moments pass between the Response and the initiation of initiation, which determines the tendency of the owners of Channel 20-34 to act hastily. Any inner urge can be perceived by you as your own Response. This will be followed by an immediate reaction and you will rush “into battle”, without thinking about the consequences. Even understanding the mechanics of your Type is not always able to save you from excessive haste, not to mention cases when a person is not aware of his nature (Type).

Channel 20-34 has a persistent need to be busy. It is felt not just as psychological pressure to do something, but almost as a physical “need”. Inactivity can be extremely painful for a person with this Channel, and the less free time he has, the better. Constant affairs, cares, traveling – that’s what keeps you afloat, allowing you to feel fully “alive”.

You are like a self-winding mechanism – as long as there is dynamics in life, there will be forces to withstand a given rhythm. Or you can compare you with a shark – because of the structure of its body, it can only breathe when it is in motion. So you are – just stop for a moment, when you begin to “suffocate” from the slowness of such a being, hoping to quickly occupy yourself with something.

Holders of Channel 20-34 in Design are born workaholics. You can get so used to eternal employment that you even stop noticing it. This is a habitual way of life for you – it is difficult for you to live differently. Once you tell your friends about your schedule, you will see surprise in their eyes and questions of the type: “Are you crazy to work so hard ?!”.

Your inner strength is a double-edged sword. She can be so alluring, so intoxicating, literally crazy. You run the risk of being drugged by the energy of Channel 20-34 by believing in yourself too much. Then you will begin to get involved in everything, trying to occupy yourself with more and more things, without even listening to the inner sensations. This underlies the nature of the Manifesting Generator and is further fueled by the energy of Charisma Channel 20-34. Therefore, it will be twice as difficult for you to cope with your thirst for activity, it will be more difficult to force yourself to listen to the voice of the Sacred Response.

It is important to understand that we are considering not only the pure manifestation of Channel 20-34, but “putting it on top” of your Type. Indeed, only the Manifesting Generator can determine the Charisma Channel. Therefore, here we are talking more about the synergistic effect of the Channel expression with Type energy.

Charisma Channel Value for Society

The key to Charisma Channel 20-34 in Human Design is the naturalness of your charm. You do not need to be an excellent speaker, broadcasting from the top of the podium. You do not need a pre-built reputation so that your actions are rated higher than they really are. Neither the “royal” appearance, nor the acquaintance with influential persons, nor the ostentatious arrogance – none of this you need to impress.

The way you work is the only thing you can hit. But even this is more than enough to arouse genuine admiration from other people. Just looking at you, the people around you are inspired by such a motivating example. It’s just impossible to sit back next to you. And it’s not that the “loafers” will be reported by others. No, it’s just that they themselves will be ashamed of their inaction while you are completely surrendering to the cause.

But there is an important condition. It is important to correctly apply the Sacred Response and manifest energy only for the employment in which you yourself will be interested. The nature of Channel 20-34 is such that you can “enjoy” its benefits only when you are involved in activities that are of particular interest to you. Only then will your energy naturally attract and strengthen others. Otherwise, you will be an unremarkable “hard worker” that does not enjoy your work. But can someone who is burdened with his work somehow attract others to it?

It is also worth saying that although you are able to motivate others, you yourself depend on the opinions of others. Although it would be more correct to say not from someone else’s opinion, but rather from a “request”. There is some dilemma in people whose Profile defines Channel 20-34. You should not indulge in other people’s desires, but you are not able to independently decide what you want to be involved in. You always need someone who stimulates your Response. Otherwise, making a decision not from your Strategy, you will have to face a “side effect” in the form of a False Self.

The False Self of 20-34 Charisma Channel

As long as the bearer of Channel 20-34 adheres to his program, he can actively spend his internal resources without risking his health. Both physical and mental. But on the other hand, an unconscious manifestation can be deeply destructive. Without awareness of your Strategy, you risk misdirecting the driving internal force, which will lead to deep exhaustion. By itself, the Sacred Center is a limitless source of energy. But access to it is blocked if you act from the Mind, and not from the Response.

Sacred Response is a very honest adviser. He does not allow his owner to just scatter his energy. It can be compared with a strict parent who does not give money to the child if he knows that they will be spent on something harmful or some nonsense. Therefore, all that remains for you is simply to reconcile with the nature of Sacral. Not to try to “deceive” him, but to coexist honestly with him, trusting him more than anyone else.

It can be said that the nature of the manifestation of Charisma Channel 20-34 is deeply individual. Your energy can be applied correctly only for those things to which you have an interest. Helping others, solving others’ problems is not your path. At least until you yourself experience this desire. From the Mind, you can think of anything – consider yourself a philanthropist, ready to do everything for the sake of others. But, as practice shows, a person’s thoughts about himself and his real “I” are very different things. And even if it seems to you that you want to help someone, the Response will not always agree with your “far-fetched” opinion.

Those with a Charisma Channel of 20-34 are very often the victim of manipulators. Your strength is very attractive to the people around you. They see you as a “riding horse”, which you can easily use. And if you do not listen to your Strategy, then it will. You can be lured by sweet promises, and you, having happily “pecked” at the bait, will gladly begin to fulfill someone else’s instructions. Very often, this is observed in relationships when one partner makes full use of the other, abusing trust. Therefore, it is vitally important to find those who can DIRECT rather than MANAGE your energy.

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