A type: Generated.

Circuit: Individual Group, Knowledge Circuit.

Channel 2-14 Human Design Heartbeat Channel connects the G-Center with the Sacred Center through the Gates of Power Skills (14) and Higher Knowledge (2).

2-14 Heartbeat Channel has the ability to see the right direction and motivates others to follow it through their own example. The Channel connects Sacral – a powerful source of vital energy and the G-Center, which gives direction, love and identity. Together, these Centers make Channel 2-14 a powerful resource of individual creative power, which is able to determine and change the direction of life not only of one’s own, but also of other people.

Key Keeper Design.

Channel 2-14 has the necessary energy to reinforce innovation with a material base. A Channel can indicate to people the direction where they will find all the resources they need.

People with a specific Beating Channel 2-14 can feel absolute clarity about where they need to move and what to do, and at the next moment lose this vision. Therefore, it is important for them to trust the Strategy and Authority, not to force events and not to miss the chances.

The Generated Channel.

If Channel 2-14 is waiting to respond to life, then the path to the goal opens before them quite naturally. The Channel is able to indicate not only new directions, but choose precisely those that will serve the common good.

Following his Strategy, a person with a specific Beating Channel finds the right moment to make changes in his life or in the life of other people. For Channel 2-14, it is important to choose the activity from which it will receive satisfaction, only in this case it will be able to realize its talents and form the material base.

Channel 2-14 Human Design, Channel BeatKnowledge Circuit.

The Channel brings innovation, opens up a new direction: those roads that no one has yet walked on or that no one has noticed. Mutation is not based on logic or experience; it comes through a deep connection with the G-Center, which always knows how to bring a person to his destination.

The aura of this Channel is very strong and therefore people trust him and the direction that he points. Channel 2-14 does not seek recognition, it shows the path that it considers correct, but everyone must go through it himself.


Like other Channels of the Individual Circuit Group, Channel 2-14 feels bouts of melancholy. They arise when a person thinks he is standing motionless or when there is too much work, but it does not bring pleasure.

For Channel 2-14, an indicator of a happy life is a favorite job. It is a great happiness for him to enjoy his activities. The owners of this Channel do not seek to earn all the money in the world or gain power. If there is a favorite thing, then everything else will come.

Owners of the Beating Channel are able by their presence to give a person direction, and if this happens at the right time, then a mutation occurs. It’s like handing over the key to a door that a person needs.

For example, your friend tells you that he is in a confused situation, there is a lot of clutter around him, he has a lot of things to do, and it seems to him that it is impossible to get out of this. And you ask: “What is most important for you now? Maybe you should pay attention to this. ”

Your friend is looking at you and only now realizes that there is no point in all this fuss. He seemed to get out of the centrifuge and no longer knows what he was doing in it. After all, there really is one area that is really worthy of attention, and everything else is not so important. These words, spoken at the right time, produced a mutation in each other. You did not know in advance what to say and how the other person will react to it, but now he has a key. Now he knows which door to open and where to go.


Channels, Gates and Centers. Each design element brings its own strengths and weaknesses to a person’s life. By studying your card, you get the opportunity to understand your nature and, without resistance, help her express herself correctly.

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