Channel 16-48 Human Design Waves of Manifestation Channel in Human Design has a Talent that needs constant implementation and improvement. Developing what you love is the exact key to a person’s success with Channel 16-48.

The Wave Channel of manifestation connects the Splenic and Throat Centers. The connection takes place through 48 Depth Gates and 16 Skill Gates.

48 The gate has an inner mind that is beyond the control of the mind. The inner mind comes into play when a person begins to follow his instinct, experiments with his intuition. The mind is endowed with wisdom and depth, due to which a person solves any problems logically and consistently. The depth of the mind enables a person to intuitively understand many life processes. 16 Gates allow its owner to reveal their talent through persistent and systematic introspection, honing skills and self-improvement.

Channel 16-48 has a Design of Talent, which is why it is so important for the owner of the Channel to look for their natural gifts and give themselves the opportunity to creatively realize themselves.

Human Design with Channel 16-48

It is extremely important for a person with a specific Manifest Wave Channel to do what they love. Only through interest and great desire is it possible to correctly live the life pattern associated with self-realization. The Talent design literally suggests that a person with Channel 16-48 definitely has some kind of gift, although the person himself is not always aware of this. This happens if the Channel of the Wave of Manifestation in its owner is subconscious. To determine his talent, a person can interview his relatives and friends, asking the question: “What do you think I’m particularly good at?”. The answers may seem unexpected, but very truthful. The unexpectedness arises precisely because a person may not be aware of his gift and generally live the scenario of the False Self.

Channel 16-48 Human Design, Waves of Manifestation ChannelEven if a person does not fully realize that he has a special talent, he needs to show his creative side and its universal recognition. An important factor for the correct living of Design Talent is the conditions for implementation. An artist may be aware of their talent, but without canvas and paint, it is difficult to develop a skill. It is not enough for a person with Channel 16-48 to simply live with the awareness of their talent, the key condition for a correct life is to provide an opportunity for the development of talent.

Channel 16-48 in Human Design belongs to the group of the contours of Understanding, therefore it is so important for its owner to find a job that will inspire him for continuous improvement and, one might say, will give him a lifelong desire to develop in this area.

Also, Channel 16-48 representatives have a tremendous ability to perceive and assimilate information. This potential is revealed when a person correctly lives his Design following Strategy and Authority. Notice how difficult it is to organize, to do something against our own will, and how easily and enthusiastically we act at the call of our True Self.

“Find a job to your liking, then you won’t have to work a single day in your life” – this phrase perfectly characterizes the harmonious development of the plot of life for a person with Channel 16-48.

However, one cannot characterize a person solely by the qualities of one Channel. As a rule, in his Bodygraph, a person can observe several manifested Channels: some of them are conscious, some are subconscious, but all of them are important and significant.

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