The bearer of Channel 13-33 Human Design Prodigal Son Channel is designed to live on and pass on to others. Past mistakes are warnings to other people. This is a leadership Channel.

The Channel belongs to the Circuit of Sensations and connects the Throat and G Centers through 13 Listener Gates and 33 Seclusion Gates. The main task of Gate 13 is to memorize information, to preserve memories, from which the field can be used to gain important experience. 33 The Gate of Solitude is called to be in anticipation of such an experience in order to come to the realization of some important truth. The Prodigal Son Channel is a collection of memories. The Channel has a Witness Design, which requires mandatory public recognition and some kind of invitation to dialogue in order to start sharing their experience and knowledge with others. This Channel was created in order to declare to the world “I remember my past and that of others”.

13-33 Prodigal Son Channel Potential in Human Design

Holders of Channel 13-33 are literally created to pass on their individual experiences to other people. The mission of a person with such a Channel is not just to transfer experience, but to transfer it in such a way that people learn from those mistakes that a person has gone through, and do not make their own, following his experience.

For the owner of the Channel of the Prodigal Son, the past is of great value. This is not to say that they live in yesterday, but they attach great importance to the retrospective. Such people can be excellent historians, chroniclers. This may not manifest itself strictly in a professional manner. A person with Channel 13-33 can be interested in their roots and collect a family tree, keep some family chronicles, or even keep a personal diary.

People with Channel 13-33, as a rule, do not show all of the information they have. They are endowed with a very good memory. As for work and interaction in a professional environment, here they often want to see such people as leaders. This positioning of oneself is achieved due to the fact that a person with Channel 13-33 disposes of people in such a way that as a result he receives a lot of frank information from the interlocutor.

Channel 13-33 Human Design, Channel Prodigal Son

Often, a person with the Prodigal Son Channel does not want to adhere to the established rules and stereotypes of family and social interaction, he is always trying to find another way, to do it his own way, the reason for this is the desire to act in accordance with Inner Authority and Strategy – to try in a new way.

In any case, the Channel of the Prodigal Son is an open Channel. The prodigal son is open to everything new and unknown. A person with Channel 13-30 cannot be described as an excellent conversationalist, but he can be called the best listener. They are always very interested in everything related to personal crises, ups, downs, progress and experiences experienced by the interlocutor.

It is always pleasant for other people to share their stories with such a person, because the owner of the Channel of the Prodigal Son feels genuine interest, manifesting as the True Self.Thus, a person with Channel 13-33 enriches himself, replenishing his experience, while not living something on his own. but simply being in the role of a witness, following your Design.

13-33 Prodigal Son Channel False Self

Despite the fact that the owner of Channel 13-33 is able to see the essence of things from the inside and, due to the constantly gained experience, can draw fairly correct conclusions, he also sometimes makes mistakes. The False Self manifests itself in such a way that a person begins to not quite adequately assess himself, his significance in society, which leads to a conflict between his self-perception and the perception of others. Under the influence of the False Self, a person can turn into someone who knows the answer to any question and is ready to voice it, even if no one asked him. If by nature a person with Channel 13-33 was an introvert, then when living the False Self, he becomes even more closed in himself and very easily becomes dependent on the opinions of other people, since the suppressed True Self does not find the strength and opportunity for its own manifestation.

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