Channel 11-56 Human Design Curiosity Channel Human Design is about eternal pursuit, not goal achievement. Your ideas motivate others to take action. Learn to enjoy the search process, but don’t seek results.

Curiosity Channel 11-56 endows its owners with an incredible zeal to receive as much knowledge, ideas and new experiences as possible. The reason for this is the tremendous energy that rushes from the 11 Idea Gate to the 56 Gate of Stimulation.

Gate 11 is located in the Ajna Center, Gate 56 in the Throat Center. Therefore, the mind of the owner of the Channel, controlled by the Ajna Center, is always in search of something, and curiosity and curiosity allow you to make some discoveries and find new views on seemingly ordinary situations. But, the fact is that the Channel is endowed with a thirst for research not so that its owner comes to something specific, makes a global discovery, which, in general, is also not excluded. This behavioral strategy of the owner of the Curiosity Channel is, by and large, nothing more than the interest expressed in the research. The Channel of Curiosity 11-56 has the Design of the Seeker, which is why the cognitive processes as such are very important to a person who has such a Channel.

Human Design with 11-56 Curiosity Channel

A person with Channel 11-56 inquisitiveness was born to be in a constant process of searching, and not in order to come to something specific. Such a person is endowed with an unlimited desire to learn, which stimulates him to new ideas and actions. But, the peculiarity is that the ideas of such a person are not at all often useful to him.

No, they are not harmful, it is just that most often it turns out that someone else is inspired by the idea and puts it into practice. Therefore, a person with a manifested Channel 11-56 has a unique role of a teacher who, through the broadcast of his conclusions and ideas, encourages other people to act.

It is important for a person with Channel 11-56 to understand that he is in eternal search – this is normal, this is a natural state called the True Self.

People with a manifested Curiosity Channel are distinguished by a peculiar presentation of facts, their interpretation may differ from how others see and present it. Such people tend to emotionally embellish the story.

Channel 11-56 gives its owner the desire to express what they think makes sense. To some of those around, such a vision seems delusional, but to others it makes them look differently at the essence of things. In any case, a Channel 11-56 person influences those around him through their monologues by including their emotions and imaginations. As a result, a person’s stories can become a kind of patterns of behavior for other people in a given situation, people can retell them to each other as advice. But the most interesting thing is that all these stories work for others, for the owner of the Channel himself – no. He is just a guide, carrier, advisor, teacher.

Channel 11-56 Human Design, Channel Curiosity

The Channel of Inquisitiveness consists of two gates, the influence and meaning of which is very important.

11 The Idea Gate turns concepts formed in the subconscious into concrete ideas. You should not place high hopes on emerging ideas, they should not always prompt a person with the Channel of Inquisitiveness to action. There is Strategy and Authority for this. An idea can arise or disappear. As mentioned earlier, it is good if the idea is heard and implemented by someone else. 11 Gates filter much of what the mind gives birth to. Only what a person likes is embodied in reality, that is, what corresponds to his Design.

56 The Gate of Stimulation is located in the Throat Center and is designed to group all thoughts and ideas, and then form them into words. The human mind processes the past experience, after which the person shares the meaning with others. Each experience has its own emotional flavor.

It seems to you that all decisions are made by the mind, but it is not. The mind only watches everything that happens in the body, like a passenger in a car driven by a driver. Observe your feelings when making decisions, because everything you do must come from the body, which acts in accordance with Strategy and Inner Authority. That is why it is so important to live your own Design and be in the true “I”.

11-56 Curiosity Channel False Self

The desire to embrace the immensity, to receive everything at once is a direct path to escape from reality for the carrier of Channel 11-65. Being in the False Self, a person plunges into the world of some invented events and illusions. Sometimes, it can reach the point that it seems to a person that he has already achieved everything and there is nothing more to strive for. In practice, a person who is in the False Self does not at all look like a dreamer. Such people can very colorfully talk about their plans and goals. The story can be full of small details, which even creates the feeling that the person has already created a project about which he talks in such detail. It is also important for a person with the Channel of Curiosity to pay attention to their self-esteem and the level of its adequacy. Inflated self-esteem is a sure sign of the False Self.As a result, problems with the surrounding world and self-perception.

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