You are the artist of your own life. Channel 10-57 Human Design Perfect Form Channel in Human Design helps the wearer follow his intuition, talent and desire to create beautiful shapes. Do not be afraid of life, you will adapt everywhere.

This channel is the link between the Splenic Center, which is responsible for intuition and survival instincts, and the G Center, which is responsible for self-identification, direction in life and love. Communication is through the 10 Gate of Self Behavior and the 57 Gate of Intuitive Clarity. The channel is endowed with the art of survival due to which its owner manages to behave in an intuitively conscious way. This awareness lays the foundation for a basic survival ability.

10-57 Perfect Form Channel in Human Design. Potential Description

Holders of the Perfect Form Channel are distinguished by their unique ability to survive in almost any conditions. It is surprising that they may not achieve any significant material heights in life, but they always have funds for their needs.

Channel 10-5 carriers tend to have a lot of creativity. Among them you can find many representatives of such professions as architect, designer, artist. One way or another, the sphere of activity of the owner of the Channel can overlap with art, beauty and something beautiful.

By the way, one cannot fail to mention the intuition inherent in people with the manifested Channel 10-57 of the Perfect Form. Such a person can recognize from the first notes the negative and falsehood in the interlocutor, from which it is worth staying away. It may seem to others that the owner of the Channel of Perfect Form is taking some kind of life risk, but in fact everything is under control. A person is initially able to intuitively appreciate all the pros and cons of any adventure in which he intends to get involved.

By the way, people with the Channel of the Perfect Form are also distinguished by a fair amount of optimism and a desire to live to the fullest. It is very important for them to live by their own rules. With the correct expression, shocking in public and imposing their views on other people is not their lot.

A person with the Channel of the Perfect Form simply silently goes his own way, not forcing anyone to go there, and without waiting for the approval of others.

Channel 10-57 Human Design, Channel Perfect Form

The owners of Channel 10-57 in Bodygraph are naturally endowed with some kind of talent, but the fact is that they do not always have the perseverance and zeal to realize it and translate it into something worthwhile. However, such people still sometimes achieve significant success thanks to their talent.

This happens if, by some happy coincidence, the talent has been noticed and successfully applied, or if a person himself has decided to develop his talent, to work in this area. Then he manages to elevate his skills to the rank of art. Even if such a person, as a result of his activities, does not reach any significant heights, he will somehow be noticed and appreciated by his loved ones. Of course, it is important to understand that all the positive manifestations of this Channel occur when the Design is correctly lived by its owner. If a person follows his Strategy and Inner Authority, he has a much better chance of unleashing all potentials.

False Self of 10-57 Perfect Form Channel

Under the influence of the aspects of the False Self, the creative abilities of a person can turn into the complete opposite and become destructive. The unique ability to easily survive in any conditions can turn into an ostentatious struggle for life and existence with all the attendant nuances. This can manifest itself as narcissism and hot temper in relation to others, expressing disagreement with the opinion of the owner of the Channel. As a result, a person accumulates grievances against people, and in the worst case, for the whole world, complaining about his imperfection.

In the False Self, the owner of the Channel of the Perfect Form can easily lose the self-esteem given to him by nature, becoming a drugged gray mouse.

The False self also leaves an imprint on intuition, which, given the correct experience of the Design, does not let its owner down. In the False Self, a person simply ignores her, which as a result turns into negative and gives rise to anxiety states.

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