Your goal is to fully trust yourself and your inner beliefs. Channel 10-34 Human Design Research Channel in Human Design leads you in the right direction if you follow your response. You came to this world to explore everything that surrounds you: people, projects, territories etc. For this you have vitality and love to yourself. These are the main tools with the help of which you can reach your potential. Meanwhile your Strategy and Authority will always be your associates.

10-34 Research Channel connects the Sacred Center, which is responsible for sexuality, energy and efficiency, with the Ji Center, which is responsible for self-determination, love and a person’s life direction. Communication occurs through the 34 Gate of Power and the 10 Gate of Self Behavior. At the expense of 10 Gates, a person receives a certain natural ability to love oneself, and 34 Gates give the ability to steadfastly and invariably adhere to his own beliefs and defend them. This is why the Channel has been given the name: Belief Pursuit Design.

10-34 Research Channel in Human Design Potential Description

Channel 10-34 serves as a kind of engine for its owner to self-knowledge and self-improvement, which creates great resources for survival in the material world. When done correctly, people with a Research Channel are confident in themselves and in their actions. If a person lives in accordance with his Strategy and Inner Authority, then he realizes how strong and right he is in his views. Realizing his strength, the owner of the Channel becomes an authority for himself, begins to turn to himself and listen to himself, without any doubts.

Channel owners often put their own interests ahead of the interests of other people. In our society, it is customary to call it selfishness, but a person with Channel 10-34 does it in such a way that others do not have any complaints. People with a Research Channel have some kind of charisma and energy that makes other people listen to their opinions. An important point inherent in the owners of the Research Channel is that they are endowed with a large amount of energy that they cannot share. Such people can and should use the energy given to them only for themselves, without the possibility of distribution. Sometimes, it may seem to them that they are full of resources and ready to energize others, but altruism is not their story at all.

A distinctive feature of the owners of the Research Channel is naturalness. Of course, if a person lives his Design correctly. Naturalness manifests itself in freedom of thought, independence and the complete absence of the need for external evaluation.

Channel 10-34 Human Design, Channel Research

In terms of professional expression, people with the Research Channel may have an ambiguous situation. Such people by nature can be certain leaders, take leading positions. However, they have a very pronounced lack of desire to work in a team, they are rather single players. But the public recognition and genuine respect that they are able to win from people with whom they somehow have to work can pave the way to a leadership position where a person will not take a direct part in team activities, but will show by example how to work. and do business.

False Self of 10-34 Research Channel False

When the owner of the Channel falls under the influence of the False Self, his life and demeanor change dramatically. In this case, healthy egoism develops into unhealthy, one might say painful. The conviction of his inner righteousness begins to be broadcast and imposed on others, a person literally turns into a narcissistic narcissist. Another option is also possible. A person who once possessed self-respect and a sense of self-worth turns into a weak-willed, weak-willed creature, highly dependent on the opinions of others.

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